Monday, September 8, 2008

More Bodily Functions and Fluids

I've talked about poop, now I need to talk about pee. ( Can't wait to start on GAS! )

I've tried to research it ( and maybe it'll be something to talk to the OBGYN about ) and I'm almost certain it's due to the prenatal vitamins...

My pee has turned a fluorescent bright neon yellow for a while now. And yes, I drink oodles and gobs of water every day ( so it's not like I'm having dehydrated concentrated pee).

I kid you not, Junior. Mummy is peeing highlighter fluid.


Skwermy said...

Yar.....I think I might be overdoing it lately - the first pee of the day is usually yellow from the prenatals the night before, btu then the rest of the day its transparent!!!! Too much also not goodlah right? Or is it okay? LOL

letti said...

hiya skwermy.. ya.. it's more of the first few times in the morn.. after that ok... i think we're both in the OK zone. LOL