Monday, September 15, 2008

Some people get glowing skin,

I get zits :)

I have been blessed with good skin that doesn't break out unless it's PMS related, and even then it's just one or two at the chin area. I didn't go through a zit period in my teenage years, and am very thankful for that.

But in the past week, I've been having a zit or two crop up in the usual chinny chin chin area, but I'm not unhappy about it.. It's just another reminder that I probably am producing enough hormones to support my little one, and that sounds mighty good to me :)

Another thing is, since there are like, half the days in a week ( or more ) that I'm feeling "under the weather" now and spending more time in bed, between chores and cooking and cleaning etc, that I've started using our "breakfast in bed/tv" foldable and raisable trays to do my reading, and of course my computing with the laptop on. We have a pair of them and they were wedding presents from Frances and Cindy several years ago, and boy, I've been getting quite the equity out of them this past week :) Why hadn't I thought of it earlier? I don't have to have a hot heavy laptop in my lap and this puts the screen at the right height and everything. Thanks again, Frances and Cindy!!!


Applied Christianity said...

You are welcome. I had forgotten all about them.

Have fun on the maternity shopping. Can't Stephanie hand you down some things?

Applied Christianity said...

If not pants maybe shirts?