Saturday, October 4, 2008

13 weeks + 1 Day and counting

The raging hormones are still making me weepy at the slightest things when watching movies or documentaries. The nausea is just about all gone, which I am thankful for, but there's still the indigestion bit going on. Smells seem.. SEEM just a smidge more tolerable now, but not really either. Bah.

I've always been a worry wort about a lot of things even thought I know I shouldn't and that I should trust the Lord to protect and provide... but I have more than doubled my efforts at trying to study for the USMLEs so that you, my little darling, will have little to want for, or worry about. I have been a sloth for so long that it will take much energy on my part, but all you need to think about is growing big and strong and healthy, and I even look forward to when I can feel you moving around in my tummy...what a glorious and miraculous thing that would be. Your daddy would just absolutely have his socks knocked off the first time he feels that.

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