Friday, October 10, 2008

14 weeks and counting :)

Hey you turned 14 weeks on 10/10 ! Sweet :)

I'm feeling better and better, although I still get a little tired in the afternoons. I can't imagine if I was preggers and had to work in the hospital full time, be on call and all like that. Like, woah. It's a blessing to be able to do this in this "relaxed" manner while I get ready for my exams.

ANYWAY, it's been pretty exciting because now, when I lay down and try to find the fundus, I can actually feel it like 2 finger breadths above the pubic bone! Which means I'm able to feel the secure little "housing" you're in right now, which just makes me feel all that much closer to you.

You're the size of a peach right now, and so being able to feel the fundus of the uterus in a way helps reassure me that you are growing as you are supposed to... and you've got FINGERPRINTS now! And you're practising your facial muscles by grimacing, squinting, frowning.. quite the regular mime!

You're also supposedly very active.. whenever I try to feel at my tummy for you, I imagine I'm tickling you in some way, making you agitated. Hehe.. Mummy's tummy ( hey, that ryhmes ) is starting to pop some and I've decided that unless I wanna be in yoga pants and the one pair of maternity jeans I have, for the rest of this pregnancy, I'm gonna have to invest in a bella band of some sort.


Applied Christianity said...

That bella band is a very interesting idea. I would like to hear (if you get one) what you think of it.

Bad Sheep said...

Yes, get one. I wear mine all the time. Ebay has some cheaper versions that I am thinking about getting.