Friday, October 17, 2008

15 down 25 ( more or less ) to go

I've been trying to be quiet at times to see if I can feel any more "bloop bloops", but so far, none. Bleh. I suppose though, before long, I'd be wishing you would quit kicking me in the ribs :)

Anyway, hey hey you're 15 weeks and being likened to a large pear! A LARGE PEAR! Gosh... about 4 inches long. That just seems amazing to me to have something that is growing at a rate of knots and 4 whole inches long in me! ( Stop smirking.. you're not old enough to smirk yet, wise guy, even if you ARE making all kinds of faces right now )

I just put the ruler to my tummy and measured 4 inches, and that's big! We pray that you are growing well and strong and the women at bible class can't wait to see you! OR see me with my big belly wobbling around :) Right now although your mommy's pants are getting overly tight ( and her BBs are just humongaloid by now ), other people can't tell yet.

Oh, a piece of horror news though.. This morning I sneezed and LEAKED! Like, for crying out loud! I have to get back to those Kegel exercises for sure.

AND i can't wait for when i can use my stethoscope to listen to your little heartbeats!!!! :)

Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah.

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