Monday, October 13, 2008

Cosmetic Changes in Pregnancy

It may all be the power of suggestion from the different websites and books I'm reading, but I dont' really think so. Since I got pregnant, my fingernails have gotten stronger and are growing much faster than I've ever known them to. I never had great fingernails to begin with, and they were always kinda weak, and it'd be weeks ( I think ) between clippings. But now it seems like I need to do them every few days or at least once a week because they mess with me doing everyday stuff.

That said, I'm enjoying my stronger nails while it lasts.

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Tammi said...

Is that pic on the left REALLY the baby? Or a pic of what the baby would like like in this trimester?
I'm so excited that I get a minute or so on the net,and now I forgot everything I wanted to tell ya.
OOOO wow! It's dominoe time right around the corner!!!
Yippppeeee! I can't WAIT to see pix and hear about your experience delivering.
Counting down w/ ya,buddy!
Love ya.