Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did you just do a somersault?!

I know only "experienced" mothers are supposed to start feeling their little baby moving this early, but I felt a little flutter, like a "bloop bloop" at my lower pelvic region just a moment ago. Of course it could be gas, but then again, it's down there where YOU are. Then like 30 seconds later, there was that second "bloop bloop"!

Whatever it was, I'd like to think it was you stretching around. :)


The Chansburys said...

i think you're right - you've felt bubby's first kicks! i remember when jamesy did his firsts and i thought - how come it feels like i am farting on the inside???!!!!!!!!!!!! and it WAS him kicking then!!!!!!!

Applied Christianity said...

Oh, wow. That is so cool.