Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post Nasal Drips are da pitz

I started getting some post nasal drips 2 nights ago. That was when there was a change in the weather, and temperatures dropped like 25 degrees from one day to the next or something to that effect, but anyway, last night was quite horrible. I couldn't sleep coz my nose was all stuffed up. I had to sleep with the Breathe Right strips on, and propped up, and then my nose got all dry and my sinuses started to hurt, my head was pounding a little, and I STILL had to get up and pee amidst all the tossing and turning.

Woke up this morning feeling blah, but got up and did some chores. Finally gave up and went back to bed around noon. Da hubs has been great, bringing me whatever I need. I don't have a temperature, though. I just wish this confounded post nasal drip ( which is gonna start giving me a sore throat, I just know it ) would stop.


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