Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm so chock full of hormones right now that I cry at all kinds of stuff.

Not just the "Oh, that's so sad" kind of crying, but also the "awwww that's sooo precious" or "that was a sweet thing to do" kind of 'happy crying'

Like today, I was watching the cooking channel, and I started crying over this lady chef who had kids over to help her prepare lunch. And then, I changed the channel just as Jon & Kate Plus 8 was starting, and they were doing an episode where the family was going to disneyland, and THAT'S when the all the floodgates broke loose. I was a mess, watching the mom and dad in their good humored way ( most of the time ) deal with the twins and the sextuplets, and the kids enjoying themselves on the trips, and all the tantrums and smiles and cheers and shrieks..


Forget about the family at the theme park... what a rollercoaster ride it was for ME!

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