Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Bigger Overnight

I swear, before we left for Vegas, I was considerably smaller.

Then, like a day or two before we got home, it was like there was this massive growth spurt or something on your part. Even the doctor says you're about a week ahead. I told your daddy "well, everything's bigger in Texas".

I say that tongue in cheek, but I hope I don't get all those stupid diabetic complications ( your grandaddy Tan and great grandma and some grand-aunts are diabetic ), and have problems with delivery later on. You'll be a good boy, won'tcha? *grin*

And Mahbel at the Asian Noodle House says she's been watching my boobies get bigger and bigger each week!!!!!

ANYWAY, praise the Lord that you're a perfect little boy and that He took care of all of us during our long road trip, and we got home safe and sound. Like I was saying, the trip was sooo much more fun because your daddy and I knew that you were tagging along with us the whole way. How amazing was that?! I mean, you're not even born yet and you've been to Vegas and the Grand Canyon and like through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah !

I'm feeling you move a little bit more now, a little bit more distinctly. But like the doctor said, because my placenta is in the front, it cushions a lot of your little kicks and punches. In the next few weeks, you're going to get much stronger and I'll probably be wishing I had a cushion all around!

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