Thursday, November 20, 2008

More of your Daddy

Daddy : "Arghhhh April's still sooooo far away"

Mummy: "You'd better believe it'll be here before you even know it"

Daddy: "Gah, I don't think I'll stop worrying about this kid till he gets a driver's license. *pause* WAIT, I might worry even MORE then! GAAAAAAAHHH"

Poor daddy :)

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Tammi said...

Nooo baby doll.Cherish this wonderful time.Let that hair and nails grow lonnnng and enjoy those cool flutters in your tummy....cuz soon it's gona be sleeping in intervels,and you'll be up to your ears in bottles and poop,and whole lots of love snugglin' baby w/ kisses and hugggggs.
Couting down w/ you lil missy.
My stomach even gets light when I think about THAT day.Who knows...I may even try and come to see you when you dominoe.If work permits,a days drive to see ya'lls bundle of joy would sooo be worth it.
You've been such a great friend to me for so long,I almost freel like I should be called Aunt Tammi!!!