Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thank you Stephanie!!

Your cousin Stephanie was so delighted that she finally knows that you're a boy, that when Target had a sale, she went out and got you some cute little outfits!!!

Hurray for Stephanie :)


The Chansburys said...

oooh! little master davicia/lettivid... unfortunately we don't know if we are going to be adam or madam, since mumsy and daddy wanted me to be another delivery surprise... so we will all have to wait and see ;)

Tammi said...

OK--I've decided what we're gona call my lil blogger-baby-boy!
(as if it's my decision,huh?lol)
"Tomara" know! As in Tamara...but Tom-ara!!
Awww,isn't that cute?
Well...I tried.I just wanna name him after his aunt Tamara doggone-it.
OK OK---I'll keep thinking!
Oh,and I'm already gona do my shopping soon too.I always gotta be the not-so-normal gift anything monogramed is possible,or hand made was always my at least I got a few days to come up w/ something totally original.Not sure if I'd bring it...via mail probably...but ya never know.I know peeps in your neck of the woods.Ray actually has family close to you that likes ME better than HIM...LOl.for real.
OK---so nevermind the goofy name.I'll have to re-think a name close to mine.hahahaha
hug hug....geez,it funny huggin ya now with that big ol baby bump(giggles)