Monday, November 17, 2008

Silly Daddy

Your daddy is just as in awe of this whole adventure we're having with you as I am.

And he says the funniest and silliest and sweetest things sometimes. I just don't want to ever forget them :)

Overheard at the Dr's ultrasound appointment

"Wow, look he's scratching his chin.....*pause* CAN HE DO THAT?!?!! LIKE, ON PURPOSE???"

"You mean he can actually MOVE his fingers?!?"

"Gosh, he looks like a little fossil"

"I can see LIPS!!!"

"Woah, look at that face. We need him to have your brains and my looks" ( lol )

And your daddy's been trying to feel you through mummy's belly, which is just so incredibly sweet. He'll give mummy little belly rubs like he's cuddling you.

"Wow, it's not like, rock hard, but it ain't doughy either"

"Hey, my hand found itself onto your tummy without even thinking"

But he has his anxieties and apprehensions too...

"I wonder if I was a younger father, if I would be less nervous and so would be able to enjoy this adventure way more"

"I want this baby to be 6lbs like, TOMORROW, so if anything happens, I know he will be okay"