Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A good night's sleep

We had gotten a couple of bolster pillows a number of years ago when we first moved into our house and didn't really have much furniture ( or even a bed yet ). Then after we got situated, they were stored in the spare room .... till last night, when I asked the hubs if he could go retrieve one of them and whack the dust off of it ( we didn't have a rug beater, so we used a badminton racquet we had laying around.. LOL ) so I could see if it could help me with the backaches I would get from sleeping on my side and like that.

The hubs was super sweet about doing all of that for me and even said he would get me a PROPER pregnancy body pillow thingy, but I said that would be a waste of money as well as the resource we already had - the much underutilized bolster pillow we had.

Anyway, once it was adequately cleaned and like that, I slept with it last night, and man, we should have gotten it out earlier.

It was totally heavenly. For some reason, it helped "align" my body in such a way that less stress was put on my back and I was able to sleep, literally, like a baby :)

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