Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I used to have very skinny feet

as well as ankles.. the kind that have bony protrusions everywhere.

Now I have cankles.


Other than that, we had a visit with the doctor today, and everything was good. No protein or sugar in the urine, my blood pressure was really good at 108/68 mmHg, even after I had told the nurse my blood pressure was probably going to be sky high from having seen my weight just seconds before.

You, my babyness, is doing tremendously well, growing as you should, and having a strong healthy heart beat of 164 beats per minute. Next week when we go see the maternal-fetal specialist again, we get to see you on the ultrasound again. That's always neat.

Oh, and your daddy's too funny. He's been complimenting me on what a good job I've been doing, as your incubator :P

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Applied Christianity said...

If you were a genetic member of the clan you would likely have cankles all the time. So be glad that it is only temporary. :)