Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you can't beat em, join em

The hubs says he's getting a taste of what I'm used to having to deal with at night, because all of the sudden, in the past week or 2, he says I've started snoring. And not too subtly either.


I can't help it if I'm getting pregnancy congestion...

I can't help it if my face and neck are now swallowed up in mounds of fat....

*sigh* This is highly unladylike and very disturbing. I wake up in the night feeling thirsty, and the back of my throat is a little sore and full of yucky mucousy stuff.

But what can you do about something that is part and parcel of almost reaching your third trimester? I guess some breathe right strips and propping up with more pillows and more sleeping on the side.

And to think there is a whole 'nother trimester to go .

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