Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Check Ups

Your daddy and I had to go to Brownwood ( where grand-daddy WLW grew up ) yesterday for a ( repeat ) medical checkup for immigration purposes. ( Bureaucracy, what can I say ) It all went smoothly, and the only thing I had to do, other than being examined by the doctor, was have a chest xray done. I had cleared it with our obstetrician, as well as maternal and fetal specialist, and got the green light to go ahead and have the xray done, with a lead apron/shield on.

Your dad was especially nervous, but I know you were well protected. Your mommy even hung around while the xray film was being processed and read her own chest xray film. LOL. Once a doctor... oh well, I knew there was nothing wrong with me, but this was immigration red tape stuff, and I wanted to be sure. You were pretty active at the doctor's office, though. I guess your parents' vibes as to how important this was to them got passed on to you... :)

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