Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shake Rattle and Hum

The first time it happened, it really really surprised me, and when I told your daddy about it, he totally freaked out.

Letti : My belly's just VIBRATED!!!

The Hubs : WHAT??

Letti : The baby was doing this vibrating thing in my tummy!

The Hubs : OMG is he having a seizure???

Letti : I don't think so. It was only for a second. Like popcorn exploding in my tummy, like "gaboing gaboing gaboiiiiinnnnnggggggggg".

The Hubs : *erk*

Anyway, we've been to see the doctor since the first incident, and you've had several "vibrating" episodes since then, but we believe it's hiccups or something, and nothing to worry about. Apparently, a lot of mothers feel their babies vibrating in their tummies sometimes.

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