Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleep Wake Cycle

Not yours, baby, but mine.

Our OBGYN told us that from 20 weeks onwards, I shouldn't lay on my back much anymore, especially when I sleep at night. Now sleeping on my tummy is definitely not an option either. So I have to sleep on either side ( left being better ), but then it's not a very "natural" position to me, and so I tend to wake up several times a night to switch sides, partly because my arm that's underneath has gone NUMB

I am going through such accelerated fatness, I get distressed whenever I step on the scales. I can literally put on several pounds overnight, it is ridiculous. It would be hard for someone who had never had a weight problem to understand, but I'd been constantly teased as "the fat girl" or "fatso" and "clumsy clod" when I was younger, and still carry that baggage around with me into adulthood even though I'm supposed to know better...

My dearest Junior, I promise to do my very best not to "inflict" any of these kinds of "psychological trauma" onto you, EVER.


The Chansburys said...

hey, don't you talk to me about escalating overnight weight gain! i'm in the exponentially increasing zone and have hidden the scales completely!!!! we really need to embrace the 'this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to let it all hang out cause have very valid reason' and yet societal pressures already freaking us out and making us nervous about post-partum wieght loss... already!!!! hang in there girl, still some way to go :)

Bad Sheep said...

I have come to accept my swollen state as well as my weight. It's for the greater good. And the GD has not been as bad as I expected. yet.