Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gang Way

I've kinda gotten to where I can't really see where I'm stepping. And that makes me clumsier than I normally would be. Plus the belly gets in the way of getting close to stuff. Like the sink, for example.

Also, YOU are growing at about 1/2 lb per week now, and boy oh boy, can I tell. Just last week I was still pretty comfortable, but this week, I find my belly pressing up against my chest and get a little short of breath after doing this that or the other. You're getting pretty strong too. At times, when you kick/punch when I'm not quite expecting it, it can be rather startling and quite disconcerting. PLUS I had my first actual leg cramp in bed a few nights ago. Before, it had always been kind of a "cramp threatening to happen", which I would catch quickly enough and flex my foot right away, but that one night, it caught me by surprise. *bleh*

My belly button though, is still stubbornly an innie. I wonder for how long, though.

Your daddy has been sweet about giving me back rubs when he comes to bed at night., which I am grateful for. Sometimes I don't realise how much my back would start aching until I need to make some sort of "I-used-to-be-able-to-contort-like-this-before-I-was-pregnant" move.

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