Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reflux Relief, Here We Come

So we had a doctor's appointment yesterday,

and I told her about the "horrible reflux" episode that I had the other night. And also that I had been having more minor episodes since then.

She suggested Zantac, and so we went off and got some "Compare to Zantac" ( because we're cheap and they'll probably work just as effectively seeing how they're the SAME THING ANYWAY ) tablets for me to start taking prophylactically. I started them last night, and so far so good.

Other than that, a new complaint is aching in the groin region ( especially the right groin ) as the day progresses. The doctor said that Junior was in the head down position ( albeit NOT engaged as yet ) with his rump up against my diaphragm. And since the little jumping bean is weighing 4 - 5 lbs by now, the constant pressure against my pelvis causes the ache towards the end of the day.

Since we're catching up on "new pregnancy experiences", I've found that I need a bib or something. My ever expanding belly has become pretty adept at catching all kinds of crumbs when I eat, making me look like cookie monster in the aftermath of a cookie destruction rampage. Besides a multitude of stains on top of that.

AND as if I was not self conscious about my cheeky ( literally full of cheeks ) face before now, here's what this week's "What to Expect" email tells me...

Look in the mirror — is that you or Alvin the Chipmunk? If your cheeks are looking as round as your belly these days, you're in good company — most expectant women start sporting that gathering-nuts-for-the-winter look in their third trimester.



Anyway, I'm sending in my hospital pre-registration forms off in the mail today or tomorrow, as part of preparing for "the big day" ( which has been on my mind more and more as time goes by - or FLIES BY! ) so as to spare all the paperwork and red tape thingies if I arrive at the hospital in the throes of contractions and what not in a few weeks. ( YOIKS!!!) I have to say it's pretty neat to be able to get that out of the way though. I could have done it online, except their "registering a new patient" part of the website was down for maintenance.

Meanwhile, I'm just gonna enjoy and treasure whatever time I have left with our little Jumping Bean inside of me.. :) before we embark on a whole new adventure once he gets here.

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Moments In Time said...

that's too funny! My hubby calls me the cookie monster as well cos the belly collects EVERYTHING! I guess I can look forward to the pressure next week then, another thing to add to the waddling!

Point of interest - have you considered what your birth plan is going to be yet? We have Birthing Classes on the 7th & 8th next month but other than that, I am so torn between natural vs epidural although I think I am leaning towards the latter!