Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snoring and Poopy Diapers

1. Snoring

I had mentioned before that I started snoring.. LOUDLY after being pregnant, due to swollen nasal passages with nasal congestion and extra fat around the throat etc etc.

ANYWAY, overheard at our house:

Mummy is laying down with her feet up in the bedroom, playing games on the laptop that's on the nightstand.
Daddy opens the door and peeps in

Daddy : "Heh , I knew you weren't napping cos you weren't sawing logs"
Mummy : "Grr"
Daddy : "And you used to have the cutest little soft snores"
Mummy : "GRRRRRRR"

In fact, I find myself falling asleep sometimes and snorting myself awake.

2. Poopy Diaper Dreams

Last night I dreamt you were a tiny new born and you had made a poopy diaper and I had to change you. I used little wet cotton balls ( as opposed to baby wipes ) to wipe your little bum and I think we did a pretty good job, you and me.

When I told your daddy about the dream, he said "Good, you're getting some practice even in your dreams. Way to go"

*rolls eyes* :)

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<"3 )~ taranicole said...

I got the following piece of advice from a mommy I know:

When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, daddy goes to the baby and changes the diaper and cuddles him. Mommy goes to the bathroom, gets a drink, and then is ready to nurse. I call THAT team work ;) haha! Good luck! We're praying for ya!