Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 preggo BFFs

Your auntie Eileen, whom mommy loves to bits, and who lives in Australia, is also pregnant right now, with baby #2.

If the J'ster is anything to go by, this second baby will be utterly GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT as well :)

Auntie Eileen is due a couple of weeks earlier than us, and she's hanging in there like a champ :) And I love it love it love it that we're both having babies a couple of weeks apart ( well, by due date anyway )...

BFFs and ( Yes, auntie Eileen, you still remember what an I.S. is, aye? :) ) and of course, Piggula and Porcupig RULE FOREVAH!

Overheard between 2 very preggo women :

Auntie Eileen : hey mate. how're is all going? haven't heard in a while, and not wanting to assume you've gone into early labour what with the backache and all? i can't even walk properly let alone take care of the j'ster :(

Mommy : ugh i know what you mean.... i can hardly walk either, and i can't get up from the sitting/lying down position, the baby's a** is against my diaphragm and kicking on what seems to be my sternum, and he's using my perineum as a punching bag - maybe that'll substitute for perineal massage. Plus now I've got 4 chins. *sigh* :) But all is good for now.. i am ready for baby to be here, but not till HE is ready :) Hey, MESSAGE ME like the last time when little baby gets here! If I'm lucid enough and not out of my mind when MINE gets here, I'll for sure do the same, although he won't be due for another 4 weeks come Friday, but ya never know....... :)

Oooo I can't wait to see Auntie Eileen's new baby and YOU, of course, my little babyness :)

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