Monday, March 23, 2009

And daddy goes, "huh?"

We had a visit with the OGBYN last week, and she did an internal exam on me. I was 50% effaced, 1cm dilated, and the station was about -2.

I know. Daddy thought "huh??" too.

There weren't ( and aren't ) any signs of labor yet.... I wasn't having any contractions as yet, nor did I have any kind of show or leakiness. I DID, however, have some "nesting" tendencies, and have most, if not all of your stuff in place, as well as having sorted out the clothes that we bought and that stephanie and other people gave us in the plastic 3 tier drawer thingies.

Anyway, we see her again tomorrow ( Tuesday ), and I guess she'll do another exam. Like I mentioned in the other blog, our bags are packed, except for daddy's ( *grin* )

It IS getting increasingly difficult to walk as fast as I want to. I just have to be content to waddle slowly along while the world speeds on past... and there's discomfort in my ribs where you are pushing against, and also some achiness in the lower abdominal/pelvis area some times. I pretty much gave up on sitting with my legs together quite some time ago, and often need a pillow at my lower back when sitting in the lounger to watch a movie with daddy, not to mention having to have him lug me out of the chair for pee breaks and after the movies.

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Thao said...

Ooh, I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see Jr.