Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Under threat of...

"If I go into labor, you're gonna have to put this together by yourself!"

Or at least that's what daddy said spurred him to finally put your bed together. :) Silly Daddy.

Catch a glimpse of your little pack n play bed over at mummy's blog..And you, mah boy, are going to be bunking with mummy and daddy for a while till we become less paranoid parents, or your room gets ready.

click HERE.

Next I gotta threaten your daddy with a similar threat regarding the CAR SEAT!

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Moments In Time said...

ha ha that's too funny, I think your hub must be laid back about this which can be a good thing cos my hub is too anxious, the day the doctor told him I was 1 cm dialated, the car seat got installed! Now, I have absolutely no room in the car and being short, have to stretch to see properly out of the rear view mirror!