Monday, April 13, 2009

2 week weigh-in

We went to the pediatrician's office early this morning to see if you were gaining weight adequately. Your daddy and I were a little bit nervous as this was an early milestone to watch, and you do have quite the voracious appetite! And yes, I've also had my "I'm a terrible mother, I don't seem to be poducing quite as much as you need" days, so...

anway, most babies lose weight during their first week and then get back up to their birth weight by the time they are two weeks old

Your daddy was so nervous last night, he almost put you on the vegetable scales when we were grocery shopping.. :)


birth weight = 7lbs 9 oz
1 week weight = 7lbs 3 oz
2 week weight = 7lbs 10 oz



Thao said...

I have been using Fenugreek and mother's milk tea to boost my milk production. Still not enough for 2 babies but it may help you.

Thao said...

I bought all that stuff online and have been happy with the products and service.

I bought these but have not tried yet.

The ship fast too. I like the first tea better but both taste fine with honey.

Applied Christianity said...

You guys are so silly to worry so much. If Jaxon's pee is clear, he is getting enough.