Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playing Catch - up a.k.a. Day 10 of Life

How can so many things seem to have happened since we brought the baby home, and yet for some odd reason, the days and nights just meld into each other that I lose track of what day or time it is?

Both the hubs and I are sentimental about a lot of things, and since I'm Asian and have the "camera trigger happy" gene and the hubs did some photography work at some point, we've been taking umpteen photos of Jaxon, most of which still need to be uploaded from the camera .. I mean, the kid's been to church, to Walmart ( LOL ) and had his pic taken with the Easter Bunny, and even gone for his very first Taco Tuesday. :)I'm finding out that breastfed babies can have extremely ravenous appetites that strike about every couple of hours. I feel like I now have the boppy nursing pillow permanently attached to my waist. Also, because they are digesting just about everything they consume, they may not have much to poop, even if they have wet diaper every few hours.

I tried not to freak out when he didn't poop all of yesterday, and into this morning... but when he DID finally have a dirty diaper this afternoon, I couldn't help pumping my arms in the air and doing a little dance of joy.

David has been great taking up some of the slack by minding the baby when i have needed to do certain things. Last night I was on my last legs after having dealt with the baby all through the afternoon and evening, and at about midnight, I seriously thought I would just pass out from exhaustion. So david took over and that was a life saver.

I've had a couple of weepy, bluesy days in the beginning, when I was panicking about not knowing what to do with such a tiny baby, but David has been my rock, and allows me to just unload all this hormonally charged emotions on him... and as Val, another source of strength, tells me, "Take. Your. Time".

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