Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mommy Milestones ( A LONG post )

The Mommy milestones newsletter over at ParentsConnect can sometimes be so true for that particular week. I always look forward to seeing how I'm not going bonkers after all. Here's a few insights that applied to me at that point, and a trip down memory lane...


  • You amble around the corner and only wince in pain once. ( well, since I had a c-section, I winced MANY a time, that's when I am able to get out of bed to amble at all )
  • Today you showered and washed your hair (shampoo only—your split ends will just have to wait to be conditioned).
  • You only checked to make sure the baby was still breathing 75 times today. Progress!

  • You're beginning to accept (and believe) that individual choices are just that, individual. Breastfeeding, formula feeding, a combination of the two—it's all good, and what's best is what's right for you and your bébé. ( I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I had to supplement with formula at that point, and was convinced I was a bad momma because of that. NOT ANY MORE! In retrospect, that part breastfeeding part formula part of your life was probably good for both of us. Now of course, you are fully breastfed )

  • You updated Facebook with 50 (nearly identical) pictures of your gorgeous kid, and your best friend from seventh grade, who you just reconnected with, commented, "SO CUTE!!!!" (And, let's face it, she's totally right.)
  • If you decided to breastfeed, you and your Mini are getting the whole "latching on" thing down by now and have settled on your favorite of the nursing positions. ( at this point, mine was the football hold )

  • You realize breastfeeding in bed while lying on your side is the best thing next to sleep. ( HALLELUJAH!)
  • You talk in baby talk—that really slow, high-pitched voice with the exaggerated facial expressions you thought sounded and looked so annoying before you had your own audience that loves the really slow, high-pitched voice with the exaggerated facial expressions.
  • You stare at your baby wondering, "this little thing is going to actually talk one day? ... in actual sentences?"

  • You enjoyed sushi ( YES!!! ).
  • You don't know your baby's favorite lullaby yet, but when it comes to getting you to sleep, even the hum of the dishwasher will do the trick.
  • You tried on a pair of pre-preggers jeans only to find they wouldn't budge past your thighs. Give it time, Mama, give it time. ( I had mustered up enough courage to try on prepregger jeans, and was sadly frustrated.. bleh )

  • You discovered a new parent truism: It doesn't matter that you're now a swaddling pro—your baby's an even better pro at breaking free from being swaddled!
  • You've mastered the midnight baby feeding, changing and re-snapping the pajamas routine.

What You're Thinking:"No one will notice that I'm still sporting maternity jeans, right?"

  • You recognize one particularly striking similarity between you and your baby: You both get cranky when hungry.
  • You've become such an expert in describing the details of your surroundings to your baby, you're starting to think you have a future as a tour guide. Then again, who would want a tour of your kitchen?

  • You cut your baby's nails without drawing blood. ( I've never drawn blood with Jaxon, but I've been intimidated. I should rephrase that to "You cut your baby's nails without having to use the magnifying glass function on the nail clipper or too much intimidation)

  • You calculate that even if you changed your baby's clothing three times a day, you still won't get through all those newborn outfits you received as gifts.

    • You've slowed down with the paparazzi-esque picture-taking frenzy, and even your baby looked at you like, "Wait, no camera this hour

    • You've learned more about infant acid reflux than you ever thought you'd need (or want!) to know.
    • You're finally used to your new before-I-leave-the-house mental checklist. What was once "Keys. Phone. Wallet." is now "Diapers. Wipes. Toys. Bottle. Blanket. Keys. Phone. Wallet."
    • You almost can't remember what it felt like to have that humongous pregnant belly.

    A bunch of stuff about getting back into the saddle again, but that may be TMI ! But to get to the link, click on "Week 12"


    3 MONTHS

    • You graduated from counting your baby's age in weeks to calculating it in actual whole months. They grow up so fast, don't they! Sniff. ( THAT was EXACTLY what I was thinking this week! )
    • You ate a real lunch today, not one where you're eating and holding your baby while breadcrumbs fall on her head. ( Yeah, we have had at least a week where I didn't have to nurse Jaxon at the dinner table, without wondering what part of the meal I would drop on him next - rest assured, I was very careful , i.e. no hot soups and like that )
    • You know four baby books by heart. ( almost )


    Thao said...

    Those are pretty dead on. I need to check out that site.

    The Chansburys said...

    wahahahaha i second all that esp eating over their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!