Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dare I hope?

There are certain days of the week that I semi dread, because they are days when your "schedule" has to be disrupted for certain things. On Tuesdays, Taco Tuesday kinda messes with your afternoon nap and winding down for the night; Letti Thursday does the same thing; Friday mornings you have to be woken up early for ladies' bible class followed by lunch with grandad, during which your morning nap is then disrupted as well. Sunday mornings, needless to say, you're up early again, morning nap is disrupted also. Wow, that's 4 days out of 7 where you get overtired etc.

Anyway, in the last post, I talked about where you soothed yourself back to sleep in the night? Well, on the day we went to Comanche, it REALLY messed up your schedule, and we only managed to put you to bed WAY past your usual bed time, but what was strange was, instead of your usual crying and needing to nurse to sleep, you coo'd and coo'd and fell asleep on your own that night, while daddy and I listened over the baby monitor, in the kitchen.

Well, Holly, Tyler and Sabrina celebrated their birthdays tonight, starting at 7 pm, coinciding with the time when you would be having your bath and winding down for the night, being asleep at about 8 pm. You had woken up from a nap at 4:30pm today, and so when we finally got home and tried to put you to bed, it was almost 8:30 pm, which was almost 4 hours since the time you woke up, as opposed to your usual 2 hours. I tried nursing, rocking, gliding, jigging, anything and everything, but you would not go to sleep, although I knew you had to be super tired. You kept trying to look everywhere, and so I turned the lights off, with only the lights coming in from through the slits under / above the bedroom door lighting the room. Even THEN, you kept squirming around to look at that.

At about 10 pm, daddy came into the bedroom and took over, rocking and holding you. The phone rang after a few minutes, and I went out into the living room to answer it. Daddy put you down in bed to come find out who it was, and by the time the phone call was over, the baby monitor was silent. We quietly snuck into the room to check on you and you were asleep!


I mean, I was totally amazed. This is ( or was ) a baby that needed to nurse each and every single time he needed to sleep. ( which may be a bad habit, but hey, we're working on it ). Daddy and I stayed in the kitchen to talk for a bit and at about 11:30 pm, we heard whimpering noises over the monitor. I suggested we just continue listening and not go into the room just yet. After a few minutes, you quietened down and fell asleep again.

I mean, this hardly ever happens! Right now I don't know whether to be hopeful or not, that you will be able to help yourself fall asleep. I'm hoping you would be able to, coz that would be seriously major.

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dobbs said...

Definitely a step in the right direction :) I remember the son used to fall asleep with patting on the bottom as he used to sleep prone. Funnily enough he never got used to using a pillow to sleep even up till today!