Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Glorious Food

So we broke out the rice cereal this morning, mixed with a little bit of formula to make it runny. We sat you down in your bumbo seat, velcro'd the bib on you and daddy got his HD camcorder ready.


At first you were more interested in playing with the bib and the bowl, and ended up with a bunch of cereal on your face, but after a few tries, you actually started taking small swallows of cereal! Sure, most of the cereal ended up dribbling out of your mouth, and had to be rescooped into your mouth, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. :)


We tried again at dinner time, and by then you seemed quite the pro, at times opening your mouth in anticipation of the spoon. You didn't eat much more than probably one tablespoon all together, but we just wanted to get you "initiated" and used to being fed with a spoon and the texture of runny rice cereal.

I personally think Daddy was way more excited than you were :). He kept encouraging and praising you, and I know he was proud of ya!

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