Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's 4:53 am right now, and I'm sitting at my computer when I should be getting some much needed sleep.

Why? Coz I CAN'T sleep! I don't know if it's because I'm full of incredulous excitement or it's because of all the "white noise" that daddy's providing, that's keeping me awake.

It all started about a couple of hours ago, when you started stirring in your sleep. Usually, you would start turning towards me and "expect" to be nursed back to sleep. So I nursed you for a few minutes and pulled away from you gently because I desperately needed to pee. You weren't too pleased with that, but somehow didn't protest all that much. When I returned from the bathroom, I watched quietly as you rooted around for me, and then finally started sucking on your own hands. Amazingly enough, after a few minutes you fell back asleep! I mean, this was MAJOR stuff! You have NEVER done that before ( or maybe I just hadn't let you have the chance to, before. )


Anyway, I drifted off to sleep myself at that point, only to be awakened at about 4:10 am by you playing with my face. I pretended to stay asleep and watched silently to see what you would do if I didn't respond. You whimpered a little, tossed around a little bit, and started sucking on your thumb/fist again. At that point, daddy woke up and I whispered softly to him that I was trying to see if you could soothe yourself back to sleep. Daddy said, "eh.", rolled over and fell back asleep. ( Lucky fella ).

You on the other hand, fidgetted and "talked" to yourself a little bit and I guess I drifted off for a few minutes, and when I woke up, you were asleep! I was totally astounded. In a sleepy sort of way.


And then I discovered "I" couldn't get back to sleep. Brother.

Anyway, I hope this is something that is here to stay. I had been wanting to reduce the frequency of night feedings, which has been real difficult, because nursing is just about the only way you would fall asleep ( Other than in your car seat rolling down the road - but who wants to wake everyone up, strap you to the car seat, drive around a bit, wait for you to fall asleep, then unstrap you from your carseat only to wake you up again in the process, all IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?! ).

Suffice to say, I'm full of excitement and can't wait to see if you will continue to be able to put yourself back to sleep.


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