Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleep Woes & Poop Tales

8/12 Wednesday

Today you had two short naps in the day time, and a long nap in the afternoon, another one of those almost-3-hours naps, which was great, because I got to nap too. I notice that when I nap with you, you nap longer. Maybe because I'm right there when you stir, and coax you back to sleep again. Whatever the case, it should do mummy good, coz there are days when she is just at the end of her tether, and the world just swims around in front of her eyes, I exaggerate not.

Also, tonight after putting you to sleep ( took me an hour and a half ), you woke up after 10 minutes. I decided fuggit, and let you cry it out. You whimpered and complained for about 10 minutes, and then cried for maybe 5 - 7 minutes, and finally fell asleep on your own. I'm spent from hearing you cry.*sigh*

8/13 Thursday.

Another restless night for you, crying at an hour and an hour and a half after going to bed for the night. I patted your back and rubbed your tummy but you cried and cried, but finally got tired enough or something and fell asleep. Then proceeded to wake up hourly from 2 am onwards, whimpering.

Baby, this has got to stop. :(

It makes me sad that I can't help you to where you sleep good. :(

8/14 Friday.

You hardly napped all day, because it was one of those "wreck the boy's routine" days again. You napped probably a total of 50 minutes today, but went to sleep for the night pretty easily. I stayed in the room with you to help you get over your sleep humps. Sure enough:

Fell asleep: 7:50 pm

Woke up CRYING: 8:30pm

at this point, I nursed you a little to calm you down, and you started getting very drowsy about 7 minutes later. Patted you and rubbed your tummy a bit until you fell back asleep at 8:45pm, not nursing.

Woke up whimpering: 8:55pm,

rubbed your tummy a bit and you fell back asleep 2 minutes later.


Plus, you've started this thing where you really pinch down with your gums while nursing, and then pull away abruptly or push the boob away suddenly, while still having this death gum-grip.

YEOWCH would be an understatement. Hoy.

You had the first major "solid food" poop today. It was like semi liquidy melted creamy peanut butter, unlike the watery/liquidy fully-breast-fed kind of poop. Kinda phooey smelling too.


The Chansburys said...

could he possible be teething, and slow to show for it?? poor you, poor jaxy, poor me too! cal doesn't usually go to bed at night until 10.30pm!!! if lucky, waketh for dream feed at 4am. hell hath no fury like a baby being made to wait for the boob to miraculously appear at his mouth...! and yet we melt when they smile at us... such is nature huh?!

Thao said...

Are you trying a particular sleep training method?