Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, you can knock me down with a feather!

We have been doing tummy time more and more recently, because you now have so much better head and neck control and actually SMILE during tummy time.

For several weeks now, I have been helping you practise rolling over gently, and you have been trying to push up higher and higher on your arms and elbows.

Yesterday, after dinner and a bath, I brought you into the room to wipe you dry and start the winding down going to sleep process. I had you in your diapers and had "massaged" you with some lotion, when I put you on your tummy while I was doing some stuff nearby. I came back to watch you as you were not complaining yet, and you suddenly rolled over. I was flabbergasted. I put you on your tummy again.. and you flipped over again!

I got daddy to come into the room, and put you on your tummy. After about half a minute, you started rolling over and hey, you rolled all the way over for daddy! All 3 times to the right. You never did do a repeat performance for daddy, but he was so excited he called Stephanie up to tell her what had happened..heheheheh.. You should have seen daddy and mummy beam and beam and whoop! What a kodak moment :)



Also, you didnt' cry too much when it was eventually time to go to sleep. I walked around with you to Dav Koz's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and you fell asleep. I transfered you to the bed, and you woke up some, but after some nursing, you fell asleep. What a day you've had!

Today, mummy put you on your tummy again, in the living room floor, and you rolled over twice! Woohoo!!!!

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