Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How True

These are excerpts from this week's Nick's ParentsConnect newsletter for YOU & Mommy this week..

"Baby is learning all about cause and effect now. He'll love experimenting with his newfound knowledge by dropping his bottle and waiting for you to bend over and pick it up. He'll get a kick out of doing it again and again and again and you'll think it's utterly adorable ... the first seven times and then ..."

You don't usually have a bottle, but you LOVE to drop ANYTHING ELSE that I hand you during feeding times. I put something your little tray, you grab it, nonchalantly swing your arm to one side, and presto, DROP whatever it is you've grabbed. So mummy picks it up for you. AND YOU DO IT AGAIN!

Over and over and over.

SOMETIMES you look for what you've dropped, but most of the time you're content with having your SLAVE pick it up for you. :P

"You never imagined catching up on sleep would be more important than catching up on reality TV. "

Baby, you have put a serious crimp in mommy's TV watching. I never watch TV anymore, except for in the mornings when we're in the kitchen making breakfast/feeding you breakfast.

*Besides, YOU are way more interesting than anything on TV*

Anyway, thing is, the TV in the kitchen is a small old tv that sits on top of the fridge. It has no satellite feed to it, and it has no HDTV capabilities whatsoever. Just your generic old TV. Which means that it can only pick up ONE station. MOST of the time, we're watching so much Bonanza and Gunsmoke reruns that I'm thinking your first words won't be "Dada" or "Mama", but rather, "Paw" and "Maw".

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Thao said...

We love the Sophie. It is more than what I would spend on any toy but it has been great for them to chew on.