Friday, October 2, 2009

6 Months Well Child Visit

You had your 6 month visit with the doctor today. It all went well and you cried when the lady gave you your shots ( 4 of them including the first half of the flu vaccine ), but only for a minute. My Brave Boy! Here's your stats at the moment

Weight : 20 pounds
Length : 27 inches

I don't think I caught the head circumference. The doctor said that you were around the 75th percentile for all the measurements. We had been joking that you had lost some jowls! :)

The doctor said that we could try to feed you finger foods now. You had been doing the 1st foods since you were 4 months, and started with the 2nd foods about a week ago. We bought some of the Walmart "puff" dealies for you, and tried to break off a minute piece to feed you with it. You made SUCH a face and didn't like the texture or something. I guess we'll come back to it when we've done more 2nd and 3rd foods. You DID, however, like raking them around on your tray, and practising your pincer grasp with the little A shaped puffs.

Getting ready to be weighed and such


Having some Daddy time while waiting for the Dr.


Our little cowboy


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