Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Food

Every night, before I go to bed, I make an entry into my "Jaxon Diary" on the day's goings-on. I haven't been really good at transfering them over to the blog, but I hope to do so from now. Anyway, here's from the last couple of days..

10/19 Monday

Yesterday, while waiting for dinner time, I got a piece of bread and started breaking little pieces for you to try chewing on.. you didn't protest when I put them in your mouth ( before, you would have made an awful face and turned away ). You looked like you were enjoying bread! Then at dinner time, I fed you some of your puffs and you ATE THEM!


Today, for dinner, we had carrot and potato soup with ayam masak merah, squash and rice. I gave you little pieces of rice, potatoes, squash and carrot, and you ate them all!!!!! Actual proper "human food" !!!

Have I also mentioned that you had started since a couple of weeks ago, to actually look for stuff that you drop? Khamazing.


10/18 Sunday

I forgot to put socks on you today for church.. my bad :P You wore your denim jacket and looked mighty cute :P Your restaurant high chair cover came in the mail yesterday and so we tried it out at lunch at Henry D's today. It worked great! Yay! I think you've finally figured out a little bit how to use the sippy cup. Hurray!

Also, during your bath today, you kept hitting the water to hear the splash splash sound and then play with the little bubbles that you made with all that splashing!

Nowadays when I open up a book for us to read, you don't grab it to chew on it rightaway.. instead, you try to rake at the pictures in the book almost like as if you didn't quite comprehend that those were 2D pictures and not real objects. :)

You love to play with the tags on things instead of the actual toys sometimes..



but that helps you practise your pincer grasp, so that's all good :) And then of course the tags end up soggy in your mouth.. :)

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