Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Observations

Daddy came in while you were nursing and was quite tickled when you would push your face into my chest and go "ughhhhhh", which you do quite often when you're sleepy :)

You've been quite the "patter", patting mummy and daddy... I read online that at this point, you are starting to show affection and love, and touching and patting was a way of showing it.. awwwwww. You love it when I hold you in front of the mirror.. you will try to pat pat your own image and kiss the kid in the mirror :)

On the bleh side of life, you seem to have developed a little bit of diaper rash. I've been putting desitin on it, hoping it will subside in a few days.

You love to look for the cat at meal time when you're sitting on your booster seat, and always want to reach down to touch Tabby

Your face always brightens up whenever we play Pat a Cake, you love the actions and the rhyming, i suppose. You like to hold your own bottle, and you still rake at pictures in a book :)

You've started being really inquisitive during bath time and will want to move from one position to another, first facing one way, then sideways, then the other way. You're wanting to grab and explore everything - the red pail, the faucet ( mummy ordered a faucet cover, phew ) and the drain, especially. :P

Oh, and you made your first extremely noticeable sign today!

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