Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 month Visit and Zooming all over the place

You turned 9 months yesterday, kiddo!

Can you believe you were in mummy's tummy for that length of time as well? We went for a well child's visit at the pediatrician's today. You are 21 1/2 pounds and 28 3/4 inches in length, both around the 75th percentile. The doctor was quite pleased with your growth and development. Hurray! PLUS, there were no shots this visit. Phew!


Turns out the red spots on your back that daddy was afraid was ringworm, is actually eczema, and hopefully the hydrocortisone cream etc that the doctor advised us to use will work. You also have a bit of a cold, which has made for some disturbance in your sleep the last few nights. We got some saline drops which hopefully might do the trick.


You're crawling almost like a pro now, getting around pretty fast, and pulling up to stand at every opportunity. You can cruise a few steps, but still trying to find your footing, so to speak. Time to think about getting a Thud Guard??


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going Places


So you've started doing ACTUAL crawling now. Not just the commando type dragging crawling that you had been doing. Now you're on your knees and getting around more efficiently. I have to say you seem to really favor this new way of transportation as well. I don't blame you.

You're also quite capable of pulling yourself up on the couch etc now. Way to go, baby! Pretty soon we'll be cruising and walking! I know it's going to be more strenuous on me, but hey, what milestones, eh?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Firsts

Monday, Dec 14th 2009

#1. After your bath and I was ready to say "All Done" and get you out of the tub, you had "that" look on your face, and I KNEW you were pooping.. I quickly scooped you out of the tub and kinda held you dangling to make sure you were totally done. :P Later we made daddy dump the wash water down the toilet :)

#2. You pulled up to stand after your bath, in the bedroom. We had changed you into your jammies and you were just crawling around the bed, and wanted to pull up on the pillow that was propped up against your pack n play. Daddy and I held the pillow in place and you struggled a little, but then you stood up!! Hurray for our strong boy!

#3 Your first photo with Santa.. Read all about it HERE


you've pulled up to stand a few more times! I have a "chest" in my study and you pulled up on it a couple of times today while we were hanging out in there! Woohoo! Go baby Go!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You love Mascots

Sometimes when you're playing with your toys, mummy has Nick Jr going in the background on TV. We watch Dora, The Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai Lan and Max and Ruby. Which one is your favorite? It is hard to tell, but I know which characters are your favorites.

You love the Map from Dora, and Moose, who is the mascot for the Nick Jr channel.


Moose comes on between programs and usually plays a puzzle or sings a song, and each time when you hear the Moose's voice, you stop what you're doing and start watching the TV!


The same goes for the Map.. You might not pay attention to any part of Dora, but when Map comes on and sings his little "I'm the Map" jingle, you immediately turn to the TV !

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Observations

Daddy came in while you were nursing and was quite tickled when you would push your face into my chest and go "ughhhhhh", which you do quite often when you're sleepy :)

You've been quite the "patter", patting mummy and daddy... I read online that at this point, you are starting to show affection and love, and touching and patting was a way of showing it.. awwwwww. You love it when I hold you in front of the mirror.. you will try to pat pat your own image and kiss the kid in the mirror :)

On the bleh side of life, you seem to have developed a little bit of diaper rash. I've been putting desitin on it, hoping it will subside in a few days.

You love to look for the cat at meal time when you're sitting on your booster seat, and always want to reach down to touch Tabby

Your face always brightens up whenever we play Pat a Cake, you love the actions and the rhyming, i suppose. You like to hold your own bottle, and you still rake at pictures in a book :)

You've started being really inquisitive during bath time and will want to move from one position to another, first facing one way, then sideways, then the other way. You're wanting to grab and explore everything - the red pail, the faucet ( mummy ordered a faucet cover, phew ) and the drain, especially. :P

Oh, and you made your first extremely noticeable sign today!