Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 month Visit and Zooming all over the place

You turned 9 months yesterday, kiddo!

Can you believe you were in mummy's tummy for that length of time as well? We went for a well child's visit at the pediatrician's today. You are 21 1/2 pounds and 28 3/4 inches in length, both around the 75th percentile. The doctor was quite pleased with your growth and development. Hurray! PLUS, there were no shots this visit. Phew!


Turns out the red spots on your back that daddy was afraid was ringworm, is actually eczema, and hopefully the hydrocortisone cream etc that the doctor advised us to use will work. You also have a bit of a cold, which has made for some disturbance in your sleep the last few nights. We got some saline drops which hopefully might do the trick.


You're crawling almost like a pro now, getting around pretty fast, and pulling up to stand at every opportunity. You can cruise a few steps, but still trying to find your footing, so to speak. Time to think about getting a Thud Guard??


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