Saturday, December 5, 2009

You love Mascots

Sometimes when you're playing with your toys, mummy has Nick Jr going in the background on TV. We watch Dora, The Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai Lan and Max and Ruby. Which one is your favorite? It is hard to tell, but I know which characters are your favorites.

You love the Map from Dora, and Moose, who is the mascot for the Nick Jr channel.


Moose comes on between programs and usually plays a puzzle or sings a song, and each time when you hear the Moose's voice, you stop what you're doing and start watching the TV!


The same goes for the Map.. You might not pay attention to any part of Dora, but when Map comes on and sings his little "I'm the Map" jingle, you immediately turn to the TV !

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The Chansburys said...

oh dear, so does james - i've finally caved and so he watched Dora and Diego dvds and can sing those map songs, quel horreur...!