Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures in Food

Yesterday you had pancakes for breakfast.


Or rather, I introduced bits of pancakes to you while you were having breakfast, and you loved them! You couldn't stop shoving them into your mouth. LOL


Then for dinner, we went to a chinese place with the family and you had rice with Ma Po Tofu, and you liked THAT as well! Attaboy :)


Today, we had stirfried vegetables for dinner and you tried asparagus tips, brocolli tips AND cauliflower tips without even batting an eyelid. Woah. I mean, you have cauliflower and brocolli hating genes ( looks at daddy ) in you, but they will not be given a chance to express themselves. MWAHAHAHAHA.

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The Chansburys said...

wahahaha hilarious - broccoli-hating-genes indeed!!!! :) ooooh glad you like mah po tofu and rice! your partner in food-crimes, callum, also can gobble rice, bread, and practically everything, but won't for some reason, eat papaya! strange children y'all are!