Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bah Hum BUG

You started having a little cough a couple of nights ago, which is now a full fledged phlegmy-runny-nosed-mild fever cold. Poor baby can't get good rest... I hear you "gurgling" over the monitor from all the phlegminess so I try to go in and reposition you so you can breathe better. You don't mind the Baby Tylenol too much, but you DO screw up your face whenever you are "made" to take it, though. I can't imagine it tastes all that good, even if masked in a ( sickly ) sweet grape concoction.


Nevertheless, you're still in (relatively ) good spirits most of the day, playing with your toys and giving everyone some love. You do get run down faster though - who can blame you. But, difficult as it is to see my little baby coughing with snot running down his nose and all, I know your immune system is getting stronger and stronger with every bug you fight. KERPOW!

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