Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I see Television in your future"

I had a dental appointment last week in town, and so your dad and you waited for me across the street in this Donut Shop run by some Cambodian folks.

When I came over after my appointment, you were silently watching your favorite episode of the "Wonder Pets" series on daddy's Asus PC. , i.e. "The Wonder Pets Save The Bengal Tiger" -


Your dad and I practically know all the songs and dialogue to this by now.

Anyway, the Cambodian lady came up to me and said, "He no cry! He very good boy!" I looked over at you and you were super absorbed in a Bollywood extravaganza scene on the screen.

Smiling, I agreed with her and told her that you usually fussed only when you were tired/sleepy but was pretty much good natured all other times.

Anyway, then we were off to Sam's and random people would come up to us and tell us what a beautiful child you are and fawn over you. That never ceases to amaze your daddy..

We were waiting for your Dad because he was at the Auto area to check to see if our car was ready - we were getting new tyres - and so I parked us over at the big screen TVs. We had a bunch of people come by and ooh and ah over you, and you were just eating it all up, you big flirt. :)



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