Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Boy Carseat

Your "at least 20lbs and a year old" car seat came via UPS yesterday...

Behold the Recaro Young Sport!


We bought it from, where the price was already discounted compared to the local store that had it, and we had a 15% discount code on top of that, which gave us a savings of $80 off the MSRP,, complete with free shipping. Hehe.

And it's made by a company that manufactures race car seats no less. It's got amazing reviews and doesn't look too shabby either.

The next 12 days can't come fast enough for your dad and me.. we're sooo excited at the prospect of you facing forward ... what adventures we'll have!


Thao said...

We got our convertible car seats recently and the boys love the room and sitting more upright. They are still rear facing.

Hannah said...

This is fairly new-- the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that a baby be left rear-facing until the age of two. You can still use your new seat though. It probably can go rear facing too.

letti said...

Thank you ladies, will definitely look into that.