Thursday, April 22, 2010

Step by Step

You started taking your first steps on your own last week! You're still kinda wobbly, and the most steps you've taken so far is 3 ( update : 5! ), before you start to wobble and lose your balance. But we're getting there, baby! :)


You've also been talking up a storm lately. Not that we can decipher the bulk of it, but you are insistent on getting your point across :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Got Milk?

We've had quite the journey with breastfeeding. At first I was anxious that I wasn't producing enough, and then hey presto, there was enough ( it seemed ) for 2 babies! Then we started solids, and you started nursing less and less. We gradually changed you over to some formula and the sippy cup, and now it's a combination of nursing/formula and 2% milk, with nursing contributing the least amount of milk, but it's still there nevertheless.

At some point, the weaning process will have to happen. I have mixed emotions about this. It has been such a wonderful bonding experience to have shared with you, but at the same time,
  • Them gals are drying up
  • They start getting sore as you try to suck even though "them girls are drying up".
  • It's impossible to unlatch you once you're latched on and asleep, and almost always results in you waking up and crying.
  • etc.
I guess we'll just go with the flow for now, and cross the proverbial bridge when we come to it. But for now, sore n*ps and all, I'll cherish this special time that I've been blessed to have been able to nurse my babyness.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catching up

It's been a wild time at home, what with this, that and the other, but I think I can finally take some time and jot down what you've been up to.


You've been trying to talk, it seems like. I get the feeling BOTH of us are a little frustrated at this point. You haven't really been using the signs I've been trying to teach you, but you do try to vocalize some. I have yet to be able to interpret most of what you are trying to tell me. There ARE some things, though, that are just spot on. They may be animal sounds and whatnot, but hey, it's a start :)

Sometimes you say "BYE" albeit in your babytalk way, and it sounds more like "Bah" or "Bei". You make a low "Hmmmmm" sound when asked what an owl says, and a short staccato "ungghhh" which is supposed to be "Woof/arf" for "what does a dog say", and you finish my "chuga chuga chuga chuga" with a "Chmmph Chmph" ( choo choo ) . *grin* You also like to go "ARRGHHHH" for "tiger". ( Too much Kai Lan? )


Also, you try to show us what you want a lot of times, by pointing. Which is helpful. Whenever we are outside, you always point at the tree, and love to feel the leaves in your hand. You've been pointing at objects in books as well, when we ask, "where's the butterfly" etc. Hurray for vocabulary! And a love for books. :)

You like playing with the nesting measuring cups that came with a "cooking set" that Jamie sent us, and are now a pro at stacking those stacking rings deals.



In the last week, you have learnt to get off the "big bed" by sliding down on your tummy , backwards & feet first, holding on to the blanket/covers with your fingers. You always get this triumphant look of great satisfaction whenever your feet touch the floor safely.

Whenever the weather permits, we cycle around our circular driveway, and put you in your little bicycle seat thingy.


It will very soon get too hot and stuffy in there, and I may have to start looking at the ibert safe-t-seat!