Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jaxon meets the Wuss

You have been out and about in the yard lately, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we "introduced" you to one of the dogs, up close.


We'd always been afraid that they would get too boisterous and scare you or knock you over, but we knew we would be pretty safe with "The Wuss". He is just about the sweetest dog ever.


Of course, you couldn't resist picking up a rock to run around with...and maybe as a security blanket?




In the house, you do pat the cat whenever you can, or rather, when he's not looking and you catch him unawares. But it's usually a gentle pat pat with a smile :)

Since then, we have brought you up to "The Wuss" several more times, and each time you have gotten braver and braver, and have patted him on the head several times, albeit warily, but grinning the whole time.

You've seen the other dogs from afar, but I think we will wait a while before that boisterous bunch gets the privilege of having you pat them :)


Anonymous said...

. . . gentle sweet Wuss, and gentle sweet Jaxon - - - simply lovely

Jenz said...

I think your blog is just adorable. I'm sure Jaxon will appreciate this when he's old enough.