Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Sight for Sore Eyes

It has been a very trying & tiring week.


You had a bad case of Herpangina.


For several days you were tired and sleepy but unable to sleep well because you had all these horrible painful ulcers in your mouth and throat, with a fever of 101. You lost all appetite because eating made your mouth and throat hurt, and you were even refusing water and milk.


At the weigh-in at the paediatricians, it showed that you had lost about 0.8 lb in those few days, poor baby. And when you are only 25 lbs ( give or take ), a pound is significant!

Anyway, on the advice of the nurse practitioner, we gave you a concoction of maalox and benadryl as well as ibuprofen, and you were so much more comfortable after that.


Your daddy says we forget how lucky we are that you are such a wonderful "low maintenance" and happy ( not to mention HEALTHY ) baby that when something like this happens, and you are soooooo miserable and clingy and "high maintenance", it really hits us hard.

This is probably only the forth time you've been sick. The first was when you had a cough and cold, and then AGE with a couple of bouts of vomiting and several days of diarrhoea, and then there was the time you had a viral fever followed by a rash.

So when you attacked the "can" of puffs, and just chugged them down like they were going out of style, I couldn't have felt more relieved and glad to let you wallop down the whole can if you had wanted to.


You are now pretty much back to your happy self and we could not be more thankful.

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The Chansburys said...

oh you poor bubba! i can see you are thinner in the pics :( jamesy had this last year and we managed to use it as a ruse to discontinue the use of his dum-dum ;) but of course, you're much too young for mum and dad to do any such thing - they're too nice. take care and you should see how much thinner cal is than you btw...