Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Reading Nook

You have the bottom shelf of the bookcase for a bunch of your board books - there are more in the other little shelf in the bedroom ( and I AM going to somehow find room elsewhere for my second-from-bottom-shelf books so that you can have 2 shelves, hurray! )

- and you love rifling through them, and turning the pages, as well as pointing at the pictures and getting me to name things in the books. You pointed at several WORDS the other day, not just pictures, and that surprised me. But hey, if you're interested in words, we certainly won't be discouraging that. :)

Anyway, that little space between the shelf/dustbin/trash can and your table has become your little reading nook. You will drag the books off the bookshelf, sit in your little corner, and quietly flip through the pages. I guess you like that little niche to escape to...


AND, it's not THAT hidden away that if there was something, say, interesting happening somewhere ELSE, that you couldn't just peek out and be in on.


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Thao said...

We have so many board books too and I keep a bin downstairs and the rest upstairs. I cycle them out to keep it interesting. Letti, he is getting so tall. Even though he is sitting, look at his long legs.