Monday, January 31, 2011

Jaxon Speaketh


Pic of Princess Leia impression from last week

Today we went to HEB for groceries and as usual, daddy goes get you a tortilla and some oranges as a snack. I was wheeling you around the store, while you were munching on your orange slice, when you put your orange slice down and picked up the tortilla and said, "Mama, Tee Ya".


Then I called up Kong Kong and Po Po in Malaysia, and you "talked" to them and called them "Kong Kong" and "Po Po" and gave them Kisses, and said "Xie Xie" etc. Heheheh. Pretty cool stuff.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things to remember

about Jaxon at this point in time

1. You love to say "wheeee!!!" when you are pushing your car around, except you say "Heeeeee!"

2. Since "Bubble Guppies" premiered on Nick, you have been going around saying "Gupple Guppy" "Gupple Guppy!!!"

3. This week you started saying "uh oh" appropriately.

4. You are getting better at communication - verbal and non verbal - I just need to always be open and receptive to what you want to get across to me.

5. You practise your "pouring" skills during bath time - you love using the little cups to scoop up the water and bubbles and watch the water/bubbles dribble, drip, pour, splash etc.


6. You still love munching on an apple for hours, till you get to the core.

7. You now are able to get into your car seat by yourself - well, the shoes are sometimes a hindrance, but you do good most of the time - and are so proud of yourself when you do it right :)

8. I try to get your socks and shoes on before we get in the car to go anywhere, but these days, you have started taking your shoes AND your socks off, so it looks like I'll have to put them on you when we reach where you are going.

9. There are several books we read before each nap/bed time, and sometimes you are impatient to get to the next book that you will say "Tin da!" ( i.e. "The End" ) after just a couple of pages.


10. You love to count. We sing the "1 2 3 4 5, Once I caught a fish alive" and I'll go "maaaam!" at your knuckles right at "because he bit my finger so", and you think that's too funny, and will shove your knuckles at me on cue to "bite". You "count" and "spell" every chance you get and love saying "Tin!" ( 10 ), "Foh Teen!" ( 14 ) and "TenTee!" ( 20 ) , oh, and "P" and "T" and "O" and "E" are apparently your favorite letters at this time.

There are bunches of things that I will think of when my brain's not so dead at the end of the day ( or any part of the day it seems, these days ), and I will try to make sure I make a note of them and write them down.

Friday, January 28, 2011

BedTime Blues

The last 2 nights you have had trouble going to sleep at night. Both nights you have cried and cried when I dimmed/turned off the lights and said it was time for bed.


( Pic is from nap fiasco from another time )

Last night, I brought you back out and into my study where we watched some stories ( Hey, they had an animated Goodnight Moon on Youtube! ) and read some books, and you ate a roll and drank some juice. You had some diarrhoea, and had to be changed a couple of times before you went to bed, but you finally decided you were tired enough at around 10:15pm.

Tonight, it was the same thing. You cried and cried, and called for daddy ( yesterday daddy was just dying when you were calling out to him from the bedroom ), and this time, I was just tired, and left you in the bedroom and came out for a breather/break. Daddy went in and took over, playing with you a little and trying to get you to go to bed.

After almost an hour of daddy being in there with you, I finally went in again to relieve daddy. You were so tired by then that you went to sleep after about 20 minutes of me going in there, also around 10:15 pm.


repeat to self : "This is just a phase", "This is just a phase"

Thursday, January 27, 2011


a.k.a Best Furry Friend

a.k.a Elmo ( or as you call him, "Mah Mo Kee" )

I can understand the mah mo part, but the Kee kind of escapes me.

You had a couple of little 2" ( more or less ) tall little plastic Elmos that you got in the Easter Egg Hunt of 2010, and you would hug them by pressing them against your neck.

We were at Big Lots last weekend, and came across a very affordable Elmo stuffed toy, which I couldn't resist getting for you :)

He sure gives much better hugs than the plastic ones.



I found this pic on my phone after I had posted the blog, so I thought I'd add it on. This isn't the little plastic elmo I was talking about, but rather, it is an Elmo easter egg with easter bunny ears, that you had brought to bed. :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jaxon gets TP'd

When we wake up in the morning, you usually hang out with me in the bathroom while we get ready to start off the day.

We brush our teeth, and while I'm flossing, you'll walk around our little bathroom, looking for things to play with.

Well, one day you caught hold of a close-to-the-end-of-its-life toilet paper roll, and brought it out with you into the kitchen, and on to my study. When I came back into the study after getting your milk/breakfast ready, this was what I walked in on.


Yes, little boy, your mother has her camera ready at ALL times.

Adventures in Hatdom Part Deux

This time it's more akin to the Mad Hatter.