Friday, January 28, 2011

BedTime Blues

The last 2 nights you have had trouble going to sleep at night. Both nights you have cried and cried when I dimmed/turned off the lights and said it was time for bed.


( Pic is from nap fiasco from another time )

Last night, I brought you back out and into my study where we watched some stories ( Hey, they had an animated Goodnight Moon on Youtube! ) and read some books, and you ate a roll and drank some juice. You had some diarrhoea, and had to be changed a couple of times before you went to bed, but you finally decided you were tired enough at around 10:15pm.

Tonight, it was the same thing. You cried and cried, and called for daddy ( yesterday daddy was just dying when you were calling out to him from the bedroom ), and this time, I was just tired, and left you in the bedroom and came out for a breather/break. Daddy went in and took over, playing with you a little and trying to get you to go to bed.

After almost an hour of daddy being in there with you, I finally went in again to relieve daddy. You were so tired by then that you went to sleep after about 20 minutes of me going in there, also around 10:15 pm.


repeat to self : "This is just a phase", "This is just a phase"

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